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Genome Editing, Stable Cell Line Generation, Computer-Aided Design (Fusion 360), Computer Programming (C++, Python, Swift, Solidity), REDCap, EPIC, 3D Printing (Ender, FormLabs), IR Spectroscopy, NMR Spectroscopy, Confocal Microscopy, Zeta Potential, DLS, Mammalian & Bacterial & Fungal Cell Culturing, Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis, Liposome Fabrication, Hydrogel Design, Biotechnology Market Analysis, Web Design, iOS App Design, Microcontroller Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Security, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things, Biomaterials, Nanoengineering, Nanomedicine, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Arduino, Clinical Research, Western Blotting, DNA Transformation, LCMS, HPLC, Entrepreneurship, AWS, Flow Cytometry, Adobe Illustrator, Maya 

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